Omar Ryan

Personal trainer and health and fitness coach

Weight Loss, build muscle and strength, body toning and exercise for people with health conditions 

Based in Islington and Central London



Omar Ryan is an experienced Personal Trainer Working across Islington and Central London

I am a dedicated personal trainer specialist in weight loss, muscle gain, building strength and body toning. In addition, I provide a specialist service for people who have a medical condition and need a specialist personal trainer. I design a personalised training and diet plan to achieve your short and long term fitness and training goals.

Throughout my career as a personal trainer and health coach, I have helped many people across London to take their fitness to the next level, build their strength and transform their body and lifestyle.

I offer training at well-equiped private gyms, at your home, appartment gym and outdoors to help you achieve your fitness goals; be it: body toning, build strength and muscle or weight loss. I have expertise in motivating change and training with clients at various health and fitness levels to produce incredible results.

Results are guaranteed in 8-12 weeks

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Weight Loss

Lose weight or just want to trim unwanted fat, my bespoke programme will make you lose weight and build strength.

Body toning

My programme for body sculpture combines resistant training, cardio, and core with a healthy diet plan. You will have the beach body all year round.

Gain Muscle & Strength

My whole body strength and conditioning programme focuses on increasing lean body mass and build your strength with high protein with good carbohydrate diet plan to get the solid, strong body.

Exercise Referral

Exercise referral is training and healthy diet plans to prevent and manage many health conditions.

Real people, real results



  • I am passionate about personal training. I pride myself in the results people achieve when training with me.
  • I am results focused and you will achieve your goals safely with me.
  • I am adaptable to your life commitments. I will fit your training session around your busy lifestyle and commitments.
  • I am experienced to work with people with various  health and fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will see quick and long-lasting results.
  • I have higher qualifications than an average Fitness Coach. My advice is based on science and not on fibs or fads.
  • I accommodate your busy lifestyle and commitments.
  • I adapt to your fitness level whether you’re a beginner or advanced
  • I am results focused and you will achieve your goals safely with me.
  • I have higher qualifications than an average PT.



Clients’ Testimonials

Richard B - finance advisor

Omar is very creative and always keeps workouts the right level of challenging. He’s a great personal trainer (PT). That says it all!

July 2019

Victoria S - Doctor

“Omar has been a fantastic trainer over the past couple of years. I’ve managed to tone up and significantly increase my fitness with his help. I really didn’t get on with gyms before but having Omar as a personal trainer has meant I now keep up with regular exercise and actually look forward to his sessions. He’s a great motivator and the studio and equipment are top notch. Highly recommended!”

 – February 2018

Jemima D - Graphic designer

“Omar is a brilliant PT – I train with him twice a week and he has helped me to create a healthy lifestyle which I can maintain. Our workouts are fun and constantly changing so I never get bored. My strength is improving and in our first month of training I lost half a stone!”

 – Aug 2017

female standing showing back view of her legs, bum and arms. Weight loss

Before and after jemima weight loss

Rob H - Data Analyst

“I have been training with Omar for 8 months now and have seen a massive improvement. I look forward to the sessions as he’s always fun to train with.”

 – Oct 2018

Body transformation more defined muscles

Body Transformation

Celeste B - Hospitality manager

“Omar is simply great! I train with him once a week and I am always looking forward to our workouts. They are always enjoyable because there is plenty of variety and they are never boring. Before I met Omar, I didn’t know how strong I was and that my goal was actually achievable. He’s fun to be around and very professional – You can tell that he cares. Highly recommended! :)”

 – November 2018

Tom B - Teacher

“Omar is a brilliant personal trainer. He is knowledgeable and encouraging. He pushes you but is also very aware of medical issues and the best ways to train to improve performance. I’ve trained with him for 2 years and really noticed the difference.”

 – March 2018

Bob D - Recruitment Consultant

“Omar’s support, motivation and continual revision of my exercise plan, has contributed to me having seen the best and quickest results out of all of my previous PT’s.

This coupled with his professional, yet personable attitude, I would highly recommend him as highly skilled, results driven and knowledgeable Trainer, fit to get you to your personal goals as he has done so well with me!

Thank you Omar!”

 – March 2018


I am based in Islington and Central London

I work in top-notch gyms situated in prime locations in London; in Islington Postcodes: N1 and N7, also Holborn, Blackfriars and St Paul area Post code EC4Y. One of the best gyms for various training styles. You don’t need membership to train with me.

Pricing and Packages

Choose any package and you will get:

When you train with me you will get your gym membership paid for, you will get a personalised fitness and diet plan and a specialised app to monitor your fitness progress and access your diet and exercise plan. I offer three training packages::

– Body Reinvention 12- weeks Platinum Package £50 per 1 hour session

– Body Changer 8-weeks Gold Package £55 per 1 hour session

– Get In-Shape 4-weeks Silver Package £62.5 per 1 hour session

Click and find out more what is included in the packages.

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Follow Omar Ryan on social media to stay up to date with all things fitness!

Follow Omar Ryan on social media to stay up to date with all things fitness!

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